Andre Molenaar o time de profissionais completo

UT Delft, Netherlands
Andre Molenaar received his MSc degree in 1972 and his PhD degree in 1983 both from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands.

From 1972 to 1984 he worked at the Delft University first as an assistant professor and from 1982 as an associate professor in the Road and Railway Engineering group.

In 1985 he left the university to become managing director of Netherlands Pavement Consultants, a company specialized in pavement design, evaluation and management as well as road materials. In that position he was responsible for many road and airfield projects in the Netherlands, Europe and all over the world.

In 1988 he returned to the Delft University to take a part time position as professor in Highway Engineering. Since 1990 he was appointed as full time professor which was made possible through a grant of the Dutch Society of Road Building Contractors.

In 2000 he was appointed as professor extra-ordinarius at the University in Stellenbosch (South Africa) and in 2005 he was appointed in a similar position at the Wuhan University of Technology in China.

His research activities were mainly in the field of characterization of asphalt concrete mixtures, unbound and cement treated base courses, pavement design and management. He has been supervising 34 PhD students coming from 11 different countries and more than 100 MSc students coming from the Netherlands, Africa, the far East, and South America. He served as external examiner in PhD exams at Universities in the UK, Sweden, Chile, South Africa and Australia.

He has been and still is teaching in many countries all over the world and in particular in China and South Africa where he is teaching on a regular basis.

He authored numerous papers (I stopped counting them some time ago) in the field of pavement design and rehabilitation and road materials.

He acted and is still invited to act as conference chairman, session chairman and keynote speaker at many international conferences on asphalt, concrete and concrete block pavements.

Next to his teaching and research duties he was, and still is, involved in consultancy projects all over the world ranging from road and airport pavement design and rehabilitation projects to arbitration cases.

He furthermore was a member of the RILEM TC on Reflective Cracking, served as chairman of the RILEM TC on Cracking in Asphalt Pavements, has been a member of the AAPT and was for a number of years a member of ICAO’s ACN/PCN committee.

He retired from the Delft University in 2012 but kept a position as emeritus professor at that University.

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